SpiderControlTM is used in: 


  • Factory automation and special machine manufacturing
  • Packaging industry
  • Printing and paper industry
  • Food industry, u.v.m.


Companies must keep their unit costs as low as possible. With SpiderControlTM it is no problem!
Due to the in-depth technological integration, the same HMI tools can be easily used in engineering. And regardless of whether the software is installed on a panel, browser or smartphone. SpiderControlTM fullfills these requirements holistically!


Only with SpiderControlTM you can use NanoBrowser clients!
This means that TFT panels are now available on the market at a purchase price of less than 100.00 Euro, <<Made in Germany>>


Using such low-cost panels, it becomes an option to replace conventional switches or lights, since the low purchase price offers a real alternative. Cabling and PLC I/Os related to traditional switches are cost-sensitive. In addition, the TFT panels can be used more flexibly and versatile and also offer an innovative solution. Even at high resolutions MicroBrowser Web-Panels score with an optimal price / performance ratio.

The programmer expects modular and automated engineering for HMI and SCADA. The tools are designed in such a way that during engineering, a wide range of modules can be assembled quick and easy. Just as the mechanics of systems are becoming modularized in state of-the-art designs, iniNet Solutions is modularizing the software!

SpiderControlTM servers and clients are available for any platform (OS, processor, vendor). This allows you, to select the hardware that suits best for your individual requirements. This means more freedom and independency in your supplier selection!

SpiderControlTM server and clients and their functions can be distributed on the network. As a result, the existing hardware can be used optimally.


Have you also integrated several control systems, panels and subsystems into your plant?
Then just use the synergy effects of SpiderControlTM !


The network- or webserver-oriented architecture of SpiderControlTM makes it possible to distribute HMI servers and clients differently on the existing hardware – in such a way, that synergies can be used best.


Your benefit

SpiderControlTM is available on almost any hardware and is based on a homogeneous technology.

Do you use standard PLC technology and your own electronics?
SpiderControlTM offers the possibility to use the same tool on all systems. This considerably simplifies the development and offers a great potential for cost saving. A uniform engineering, the reuse of existing UI components and macros, a uniform look and feel as well as a consistent compatibility with embedded HMI panels bring enormous advantages such as:

  • Cheap hardware prices with high quality
  • Long-term availability
  • High investment protection
  • Easy maintenance and subsequent extensibility
  • High adaptability to all customer requirements
  • Highest usability
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the modularity of the modular system of the software
  • Modern, appealing software design, etc.