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Are you looking for a customized solution?

iniNet Solutions is the right partner for you! 

Adaptations or new developments made easy!

SpiderControlTM is a comprehensive framework. The proven and tested modular software solutions have been used for many years by many well-known PLC, control, panel and drive manufacturers worldwide. There are a variety of SpiderControlTM components that cover a wide range of applications. But also for individual developments, iniNet Solutions offers a broad service portfolio in order to provide the customer with a tailor-made solution.
In close cooperation with the customer, complex and tailor-made web-based applications are created within time schedule, which can also be extended or adapted by the customer himself.

In the past, it has often been proven that iniNet customers benefit from significant time and cost savings when the specialists put the project on the desired hardware for them, implement application-specific macros and functions. Subsequently, the project is transferred to know-how transfer, inter alia, also for further development.

iniNet customers benefit from high-quality system solutions and above all from calculable costs. This results in a short time-to-market and reduces the technological risk to a minimum.

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SpiderControlTM is designed for OEM customers

Maximum time and cost savings in Web-Visualization!



The solution consists of a complete design flow with graphics editor, web servers and various runtime technologies. Components can be selected and licensed for their own OEM product from this modular system.


Are you a manufacturer of PLCs, controllers or drives?
Then iniNet Solutions is the right partner!

SpiderControlTM is the leading OEM solution for the integration of web technologies. The adaptation and integration is proven many times, and it’s simple. There are existing integration to numerous PLC runtime systems such as CoDeSys, KW Multiprog and ECLR, Infoteam OpenPCS, Logi.Cals or ISAgraf. Integration into proprietary environments (e.g. C-programmed controllers) is also possible with minimal effort. Even prototypes can be realized within a few working days.


Benefit from the most powerful tool chain, which is available on the market:
  • Graphics tool for programming web browser MMIs (SpiderControlTM Editor PLC Edition)
  • Embedded Web server / dataserver for the control
  • MicroBrowser for local visualization on the controller or as a low-cost remote panel
  • OEM Apps for Android, iPhone, etc.


SpiderControlTM is the only product on the market, with the same HMIs – from the smallest embedded system to the standard PC – can be run, such as:
  • Smallest single chip display systems (from 50kBFlash / 16kB RAM, without OS)
  • RTOS-based embedded designs with 16/32 bit microcontrollers
  • Graphical embedded operating systems, such as WinCE, uLinux, VxWorks etc.
  • Smartphones from Windows Mobile to iPhone
  • Applet in any Java-enabled standard browser on Win32, Linux, MacIntosh, etc.
  • As HTML5 in all modern browser clients, etc.


The user benefits twice from the highest cost-efficiency in the visualization:
  • Firstly, in software development. All the requirements are met with the same tool and the HMIs can be easily reused anytime, anywhere.
  • On the other hand, in hardware, because minimal performance requirements allow the use of the most streamlined solutions and the interconnectivity of the architecture allows resources to be shifted where they cost the least.


Individual OEM App for iOS and Android

You can also access your control directly and safely via the OEM App!


Users want for example:
  • Access the control system from anywhere with its App.
  • Use your existing network infrastructure.
  • Easy installation.
  • An absolutely safe solution.


The installation process is as follows:
  1. The user connects the controller to the power and its switch (Ethernet RJ45).
  2. The controller uses DHCP to determine a local IP address from the access point.
  3. The user is on his home network (WLAN), the * OEM App * loads on his iPhone or Android and starts it.
  4. The App automatically finds the controller using the discovery service and loads the configuration page from the controller.
  5. The user enters his desired password and confirms the connection to the Internet – done!
  6. The rest works automatically: the App saves the serial number of the controller.
  7. The controller starts the VPI Agent and logs on to the portal with its serial number and the user password. The VPI Agent will now open a permanent tunnel to the portal.


How users can now use the controller worldwide:

If the user wants to access his controller from now on, the App knows whether to access the controller via WLAN (via the discovery service) or via the portal. The App has stored the correct path and password to access the reverse HTTP tunnel on the portal. After that, just start the app and the connection is established.  Access to the controller is not visible to all other Internet users because no ports have been opened on the user’s firewall. Only HTTP is allowed inside out. The portal is located in a secure, administered zone and the access to the tunnel is only granted by indicating the correct credentials. The patented VPI Reverse HTTP technology can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

You can also use our experience in the interaction of embedded systems with web portal infrastructures, content management systems and databases.

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Consistent use of Apps on the web

Do you want your own App? The SpiderControlTM App can also be customized as an OEM version.


Our MicroBrowser App for Android and iPhone can be adapted to your needs with minimal effort and put into the appstore / playstore under your name.

Customized additional functions such as “Discovery Service” or special input elements significantly enhance the user-experience of the product and increase corporate identity. We offer fixed prices for development and maintenance. Since the standardization of SpiderControlTM components is high, we can provide competitive prices for sure.



As customer, you buy a developer license from Apple (about $ 99 / year), choose a product name for your App and send the desired icons to iniNet Solutions. We will get a username / password from your Apple account to put the App under your name in the store. We also accompany the approval process of the App. You can define the sales price as a customer.


ininet Solutions also offers smartphone OEM licensing models for iPhone, iPad or Android!
Per Unit Model

– Setup Fee: One-time fee for setting up the OEM App.
– Maintenance: Modifications to the App due to a new requirement by Apple(new iOS, new iPhone, iPad, API’s, …).
As customer, you simply order such an adjustment from iniNet Solutions for a one-time fee. iniNet Solutions will then receive a fee for each sold App. You can sell the App under its own company account as well as its own product name and define the price yourself. iniNet Solutions receives a fixed agreed amount per sold unit.


Flat Rate Model

– Annual fee: Includes set-up, installation and maintenance of the OEM App.
– Maintenance: Modifications to the App due to a changed Apple requirement (new iOS, new iPhone, iPad, API’s, …). Maintenance is included in the annual fee.
– Runtime Licenses: None.
The customer can sell the App under his own company account as well as his own product name and define the price himself.


Smartphone OEM license model for iPhone / iPad and Android

Increase your popularity with our attractive OEM license model!


Customized additional functions such as “Discovery Service” or special input elements significantly enhance the user-experience of the product and increase corporate identity.

Our fixed price offerings (order number: 9007.1OEM Apps) for development and maintenance are extremely attractive in price because of the high standardization level of the innovative SpiderControlTM components.

Each customer can offer the App under their own company account as well as product names and icon in the Appstore or Playstore. There is no visible link between the OEM App of the customer and iniNet Solutions. The functionality of the MicroBrowser remains unchanged. Specific adaptations or extensions are possible on request at any time.



iniNet will modernize existing Web HMIs for a fixed price 

Take advantage of the attractive offer and also modernize your existing Web HMI!


Do you have an existing Web HMI (SpiderControlTM , CODESYS,…), which should have to be updated visually? We can do that quickly and efficiently for you!

You choose a graphic theme and we port – if so desired in cooperation with a graphic designer – the existing HMI to state-of-the-art technology using HTML5, vector graphics and fluid design.

Included in this package: the latest version of our PC HMI-Editor. You can maintain your HMI by yourself later. We will gladly make you an offer for a fixed price without obligation (including HMI-Editor license starting from 4.000.- € plus VAT).

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Further information 

Long-term availability

The concept of IEC61131 on a PLC provides the same advantage like SpiderControlTM does for HMI: it introduces an abstraction level between programming and hardware or run-time technology.
SpiderControlTM HMIs run as a MicroBrowser (implemented in C), Java applets and as HTML5 clients, without the need for the programmer to make any modification to his project. For example, a SpiderControlTM  project, created ten years ago, can now be ported to HTML5 without modification.
However the technology will look in ten years – SpiderControlTM is at your side and your applications will be able to run. Because HMI products, which are based solely on current technologies, are becoming obsolete over time. Sooner or later.
SpiderControlTM  runs on nearly all operating systems, processors and platforms. If a product is discontinued, there are always alternative products without having to change the HMI software.


Investment protection

SpiderControlTM is, among other tools, compatible with the CoDeSys Web-Visu. Have you also developed HMI’s with these products? Then you can implement SpiderControlTM  in the easiest way and profit from numerous advantages.


SpiderControlTM ComponentHiway

This graphical tool can be mastered within one day. In the event of fluctuation of the employee, e.g. the incorporation of a new colleague – into the already created project – no problem at all.
The concept of modularization and building blocks, which is e.g. widely usde in mechanics of machine series, is also applied by SpiderControlTM on the software side. The network- or web-serveroriented architecture of SpiderControlTM allows the reuse of HMI objects in newly combined applications as well as topologies.
The use of vector graphics in SpiderControlTM enables problem-free scaling of graphical objects and entire HMIs. The SpiderControlTM server can merge data from many controllers and easily reuse all HMI objects.


Modern design

SpiderControlTM supports scalable vector graphics and all the features necessary for an animated HMI on almost any platform. These include, for example, image rotations, zooming, sliding, alpha blending and much more. There are some solutions on the market which can also cover these functionalities on the PC or smartphone. But only one system can do this on WinCE and embedded systems, namely: SpiderControlTM ! This is where unit costs are mainly the focus.
In its design flow, SpiderControlTM also supports a separation between graphical design and coding (for example, the Deisgn Pattern Model View Controller), thereby allowing a modern design flow.


Zero Engineering: Automatic generation of HMI

Modular and automated engineering is also self-evident for HMI and SCADA. The tools are designed in such a way that a wide range of modules can be quickly assembled during engineering. With just a few clicks, pictures are taken to the appropriate facility, if necessary also fully automatic. A mechanism that lowers the investment risk.
The system behind it: Web-HMIs can be created automatically via a software API interface. Do you have recurring tasks and an abstract description of the project in a database or Excel sheet? Then the path to the zero-engineering solution is not far away!
The objective is to automatically create an HMI project from an existing plant description, such as an XML file or a database, without creating a further configuration effort for the customer.


Further points on design flow

Code generator
Initial point: The customer has an XML file, which comprehensively describes a system.
If an HMI is to be generated, an external application starts the “HMI Engine” and transfers this path to the desired XML file as well as the path where the HMI project to be generated is to be written. The “HMI Engine” starts the “Headless Editor” in the minimized mode. The headless editor is basically identical to the PLC Edition Editor, but it can not be operated via mouse and menus, but via an IP-Socket API, which can be used to remote-control all important interactions.
This “HMI Engine” can also be developed in cooperation with the customer and consists of e.g. From an XML parser, a set of rules (hard-coded), how the objects instantiated in the XML file are to be represented as HMI, and an interface to the “SpiderControl Headless Editor”, which finally creates the project.
The existing objects are extracted from a manually created example HMI and stored in the macro library. The “HMI engine” can then instantiate the macro objects during production, move them to the desired position / size and assign the necessary PPO names.
After all the views of the project have been created, the build-all process is started and the project is exported to a desired directory. Optionally, an FTP deployment can also be started directly on the PLC. Now the Headless Editor and the Teqengine are closed again automatically. This whole build process takes only a few seconds.

Finishing by hand
If desired, the previously created, automatically generated project can now be edited and modified with the normal PLC Edition Editor. Thus, special requirements of a customer can be easily taken into account. The Teqengine is e.g. in the context of a “Microsoft Visual Studio” C / C ++ project as a simple, dialog-based application, which is normally started in the “minimized” mode and thus appears in the tasklist within a few seconds. The application is built on an XML parser object. The rules for the generation of the HMIs are hard coded and call directly the necessary API functions of the headless editor.


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