Many industries and end users can benefit from SpiderControlTM.
The complete kit is available from OEM partners, distributors or iniNet Solutions.


OEM partners

SpiderControlTM is one of the most widely used OEM solution in the area of web-based HMI for PLC.
No other product on the market offers comparable or better possibilities for visualization on the web!
Various PLC and drive manufacturers are aware of these advantages. SpiderControlTM  has been successfully used for years. With this proven OEM solution, the SpiderControlTM technology is not only present on existing automation products, but can also be integrated in other control systems. OEM partners particularly appreciate the efficiency of this powerful tool chain.


Are you manufacturer of PLCs, controllers or drives?
Then SpiderControlTM is certainly predestined for your individual application. 


This leading OEM solution is available directly from many hardware manufacturers in an OEM version. You can thus obtain the HMI Editor as a brand-labeled product directly from your PLC manufacturer.
The adaptation and integration is simple, widely used and tested. Integrations to various PLC run-time systems exist, such as CoDeSys, KW Multiprog and ECLR, Logi.cals, Infoteam OpenPCS or ISAgraf.

The integration into proprietary environments such as C-programmed controller is also possible with very little effort. Prototypes can be realized within one up to two working days.


Take advantage of one of the most powerful tool chains, which is available on the market:

  • Graphic tool for programming web browser MMIs (SpiderControlTM Editor PLC Edition)
  • Embedded Web server / Dataserver for control
  • MicroBrowser for local visualization on the controller or as a low-cost remote panel
  • OEM apps for Android and iOS


Are you interested in your own app? Do you want to become an OEM partner?
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End users

All SCADA, SpiderControlTM products and system solutions are also available directly from iniNet Solutions.
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